Bee Happy: Getting the hives ready for the winter

This year was challenging, the weather and number of swarms we were called on to relocate were numerous. There is something really special when you go out, find a swarm, get all the bees, to include the queen (the most important part), bring them home and introduce them to their new home (we always have empty hive boxes available, just in case, you never know when the need will arise) follow their progress and see how strong they become. […]


The mower of the future is in Culpeper

  A passerby stopped and stared. Along the grass outside Gary’s Ace Hardware, a sleek, almost-Batmobile looking form glided along the grass. “I want one of those,” the bystander yelled over to Gary Walker, owner […]


Wild Ideas: The treefrogs are calling, and I must go

Much of the spring, I have felt like a private eye specializing in divorce cases — stalking animals, camera in hand, to try to catch them in flagrante delicto. One evening last week, it was the calling of gray treefrogs that put me on the hunt for mating herps once again. […]


Bee Happy: Spring swarming births more bees

These past few weeks have been unbelievable! Again, with the weather being a bit strange and trying to feel somewhat better about our observation hive at the shop swarming I received a visit from a friend asking if I could give more of a clearer idea on just what swarming entails. First and foremost I have to thank Jerry Headley from Virginia Bee Supply. He has been an invaluable wealth of information. […]

Home & Garden

Be Bear Aware

Virginia is home to a healthy population of black bears – one of our biggest conservation success stories. Black bears are found almost everywhere throughout the Commonwealth, so it is common for people to live, work and play in bear country. […]


Finding local food

Local food is a hot topic of discussion nowadays. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of sourcing food locally — from boosting their community’s economy to having a smaller ecological ‘footprint.’ […]


Gardening Guru: Winter survival for gardeners

So for those of us who long to get back into the dirt, good gardening magazines can help us wait it out till spring by bringing the recollection of the pleasure of the garden back to us and helping us plan for the upcoming season. Gardening publications are entertaining and informative all year round, but I find that I read them more thoroughly and even catch up on past issues during the winter. I’d like to share some of my favorites to which I have subscribed. […]