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Curtain Calls: Silver linings ‘On Golden Pond’

      Humor and sadness and loons, memory of the past, defiance of the future, shadows of regret and fear.  All who have watched their parents grow old, who see themselves growing old, understand “On Golden Pond.” Ernest Thompson’s…
Five Hundred Years and Counting

October 31, 2017.  According to the calendar it’s on a Tuesday.  The day when both young and old alike will adorn themselves in an array of costumes soliciting for candy, and partying on the unofficial American holiday known as Halloween.
Fall happenings in the hive.docx

By Shaun Thomas The seasons are changing; fall is finally here! As the weather cools, you may not see as many honey bees foraging about, as their work is shifting from outdoor activity to in-hive activity. Here’s what’s happening: The…