Confederate War Memorials

Just writing the title of this blog I know some folks will want to label me a racist. I’m not. That’s a ploy done by people of lesser minds so they don’t have to confront logic or facts.
Pardoe’s Perspective: A Nation of Cynics

I have been a cynic most of my life, long before it became trendy. I have always believed it is healthy to challenge the status quo, to question, to display a lack of trust in the government or individuals. I've…

I have a bit of an unusual hobby (beyond my writing). I hunt Civil War relics. I go out on the weekends and evenings with a metal detector and look for bullets or buttons dropped during the war. With the…
Pardoe’s Perspective: The reckoning

Revolutions are funny things. When you're in the middle of one they are hard to discern. Well, we are in one. The election of Donald Trump is the most visible sign of that revolution.
Observations on Orlando

I was going to write about my vacation to Orlando with my grandson. We were at Disney at the time of this terrorist attack, blissfully sheltered from the grim reality only a few miles away.