Thankfulness, Not Complaints

  I was a teen working in my local, hometown, IGA (Independent Grocers Association) store.  My responsibilities were mainly to bag groceries, stock shelves, and radiate a caring attitude of customer service.  I also occasionally […]


CHURCH: Freedom, Not Control

  The tears would flow each time the automobile drove down the long lane from the farm house. The woman sitting on the passenger’s side felt humiliated and beaten as she had to spend time […]


Prayer: Anytime, Anywhere

  June 18, 2013 is a very special date for me.  It was the day that I had the unique opportunity to pray at Congress.  In front of the chamber with television lights radiating downward, […]


“A New Year, A New Creation”

  He had the privilege of watching new creation come, realizing that it was only possible through God.  These were the experiences of my paternal grandfather Joe Hales, who spent his life farming.  He planted […]