Pardoe’s Perspective: The Sad State of Our Colleges

As we approach graduation season and kids preparing to go off the college, I find myself questioning what has happened to our institutions of higher learning.  When I went to school, we were encouraged to take in different perspectives and create our own thinking on views of the world.  If there was a political agenda in play, I certainly never noticed it.  We respected differing points of view and came to settle on our own values.  I didn’t have professors or colleges trying to push politics on me. I was there to learn (and drink beer.)

We have all seen what colleges have morphed into.  Students in Berkley rioted because someone was coming to campus with a view that differs from their own.  At Virginia’s own University of Virginia there is an active movement to remove a statue of the colleges’ (and one of our nations) founder, Thomas Jefferson – because he owned slaves.  Upon hearing that Barbara Bush passed away, we had  college professor at Fresno State all her a racist and claim the former First Lady had raised “a war criminal” Her incendiary and offensive remarks at a time of grieving for the family did not even cost her her job.  When Donald Trump won the presidency, many campuses and high school gave the following day off to students so they could mourn Hillary’s loss or to go march in protest.  Some schools have suspended free speech, only allowing non-liberal points of view to be expressed in “free speech zones.” 

The conclusion I draw here is simple…colleges are becoming indoctrination centers to breed liberal thinking. 

Yes, there are conservative schools out there, but they do not take to rioting or erasing history to force their leader’s values on students.  Many of our colleges have been infiltrated by people with deliberate political agendas.  Their focus is not on providing a well-rounded perspective of the world, but on imposing their morals (or lack thereof) on the students.

You may have the opinion that this is not a big deal, but I assure you it is.  Look at the campus movement ANTIFA.  These “protesters” are really masked thugs who use violence to achieve their goals, all the while blaming it on conservatives.  These individuals who support this claim to be anti-fascists, but in reality, they are employing exactly the tactics used in Nazi Germany themselves.  

We live in an era where you are labeled and judged by that label.  Identity politics now rules the day. The media does it as do our college professors.  Labels determine who we are, whether we have “privilege” and our desirability to the rest of society.  Colleges have banned conservative speakers from campus because they are “divisive.” Students are allowed to protest and even use violence if it in support of liberal ideology. 

Even if you are not sending your children off to college, you need to be concerned.  This “protest only for liberal causes” thinking is spreading now to our high schools.  After the horrific school shooting in Parkland Florida, high schools allowed students time off to protest gun violence.  That is understandable to some extent, we are talking about violence aimed at school students.  At the same time, it is a slippery slope.  If the students wanted to leave class to protest abortions, do you think that would be allowed?  I think we all know the answer to that.  

The real issue with all of this is who is making these judgement calls to allow these actions to happen? 

I am not ashamed that I am conservative in my thinking and actions.  One fight conservatives are losing is in our college campuses.  We have allowed liberals to take them over and turn them into mills to churn out idiotic and potentially dangerous liberals.  We have a generation coming through our colleges that are not being exposed to opposing points of view, but only the ideals of their misguided professors and campus administration.  These schools are producing students who think socialism is better than capitalism, who wear t-shirts with Che Guevara on them proudly, and are allowed to use violence to achieve their goals. 

It is time for us to take back our colleges or cut their Federal funding if they do not allow equal time for opposing opinions.   

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