Princess camp coming to Culpeper

As the school year winds down and area summer camps start heating up there are two ladies in Culpeper who are aspiring to introduce a new camp with a new twist and a new message this summer.  

Princess Camp, inspired by Evelyn Martinez and hosted by Monica Huseby, is a week-long day camp for all Princesses ages 5 – 8.   From tea parties, dance parties, and pampering from head to toe young ladies will learn how to act like a princess, be treated like royalty and treat others the same way.

The camp was a brainstorm of Martinez who grew more excited as the idea took hold in her mind and began to grow.  

“It became very exciting so I reached out to Monica who said that an idea like this had been on her heart for a while as well,” said Martinez.  Martinez, a former family and consumer science teacher and Zumba instructor, later realized the amount of responsibility the camp would require and told Huseby she would partner with her; Huseby ran with it.   

Huseby, owner of Prophetic Beauty, brings the elements of beauty and self-esteem to the camp while Martinez brings life skills with a nutrition aspect.   Campers will receive daily messages about speaking goodness and kindness, proper nutrition, inward and outward beauty and other matters that are important for a princess.  

Martinez said, “the mini-makeup lessons will allow the message ‘You are ENOUGH’ to be the overarching theme to a generation of young beauties who need to hear, believe, and walk in the life-changing beauty of this truth.”   

Healthy snacks will be provided each day and Martinez will lead the glow parties and royal ball dance parties throughout the week.

There will be a princess at camp every day.  Huseby said the princesses are girls from the community who are doing good and are positive role models.  On Friday Tisha Jiles Downing, a pageant contestant running for Mrs. Virginia International, will be present to speak to the girls about self-confidence and teach them how to walk with confidence.  Tabatha Haines, owner of Jane of All Trades, will be doing princess hair and the week will culminate with a princess runway and each princess will be given a princess promise.

“This summer will be our first Princess Camp,” said Huseby who ultimately would like to do three or four each summer.   

Through her business Huseby has developed skin care and beauty products and is intentional on sharing positive messages that encourage women to be their best, feel their best and to share that with others.  “You get little holes in your heart; the negative stuff, negative messages. Whether they are intentional or not – unfortunately that’s the holes we hold onto,” said Huseby. “You could have a hundred friends and all say something nice about you, but it’s that ONE negative comment that could affect you for the rest of your life,” she shared as she spoke about the importance of stressing kindness during the camp.

Huseby encourages campers to dress up each day and hopes that each princess that attends the camp receives the very important message that embraces the week:  be special, be beautiful, be unique.

Registration is already filling up for the camp which runs June 4 – 8 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. each day.  The fee for the week is $185 (siblings receive a 10 percent discount) though daily drop in is $45 based on available space.  Registration can be done online at or on the Prophetic Beauty Facebook event page.  Preregistration is strongly encouraged as there is limited space.  The camp will be held at Jane of All Trades located at 125 South East Street in downtown Culpeper.  

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