Rockwater Park officially opens

The town of Culpeper welcomed its newest park Tuesday.

Rockwater Park, located along Madison Road, is a 32-acre town property which features walking trails, parking lots, a pavilion and restrooms. There are future plans for a 15-hole Frisbee golf course and a connector trail to Sunset Lane.

The town purchased the property three years ago for $1.1 million for its water capacity and have spent several million dollars to develop wells on the site, that will add nearly 1 million gallons per day of drinking water, said Town Planner Charles Rapp.

“This is more of a passive recreation type of thing,” Rapp said. “The topography really limits itself to that too, as far as flattening it and having fields. This is more rolling hills. There’s a lot of bedrock here as well, which makes it challenging to develop. So we thought, let’s just work with what we have here.”

On Tuesday, a group of nearly 50 cut the ribbon for the parts of the park that are already accessible – the pavilion, the walking trail, the restrooms and the parking lot.

In the future, the park will add a 15-hole disc golf course, a connector trail to Sunset Lane and small splash pad for children.

Mayor Mike Olinger was pleased with the turnout of residents who are excited about the new recreational opportunities in the town.

“It’s always good to bring more recreation to the community,” Olinger said. “This is something that’s been needed for years on this end of town. I’m happy.”

Prior to the town purchasing the land, more residential development was discussed for the 32-acre property.

“This is much better than a bunch of roof tops,” Olinger said.

Town manager Chris Hively said that expanding access to parks for town residents was one of the main conversations when it came to the development of Rockwater Park.

“If you look at the town of Culpeper, we have Yowell Meadow Park – a wonderful park – but it has walking connectivity to just a portion of the town,” Hively said. “This park in this area provides a lot more folks connectivity into the park.”

One of the more anticipated coming attractions is the disc golf course, which will be the second in Culpeper County in addition to the existing course at Spilman Park in northern Culpeper County.

“Before we even knew there was one going in there we decided to put one in here,” Hively said. “We have the whole 32 acres and it was a great opportunity and it was something different we could offer in town.”

Hively said they’ve already received a lot of support for the disc golf course and expects all the holes to be sponsored.

The splash pad is still a ways off in the future, Hively said, but that plan is one children of Culpeper are extremely excited about.

“The splash pad, the whole reason for this property was well water sites,” Rapp said. “There’s two of those so we have plenty of water out here, they went ahead and put a sleeve in for a future splash pad. We’re thinking of something small that will give the kids some cool down time in the hot summer.”

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