Culpeper Police disarm suicidal subject using less lethal technology

On May 23, 2018 at approximately 8:37 p.m., the Culpeper Police Department received a call from the Crisis Intervention Center located near Novant/UVA Health System-Culpeper Medical Center for a subject at this location with armed shotgun and threatening suicide.
Upon arrival, the Culpeper police officer located at 22-year old male in the parking lot armed with a shotgun and experiencing a mental health crisis. The subject was pointing the shotgun at his head and threatening to kill himself if officers approached. Officers on scene utilized crisis intervention training and negotiated with the subject for over 40 minutes. The subject refused to drop the shotgun during these negotiation attempts.
Officers on scene then deployed the less than lethal impact munitions or bean bag round striking the subject. The subject dropped the weapon, fell to the ground, and was taken into custody by officers on scene. Officers on scene administered first aid to the subject and he was treated for minor injuries at the hospital. No officers or civilians in the area were injured during this incident. Detectives from the Culpeper Police Department responded to process the scene and conduct a follow up investigation.
After being taken into custody, the subject was evaluated by a mental health professional and is currently being treated for this mental health crisis at a mental health facility.
“We see our officers in critical and high stress situations on a regular basis and this just shows their level of professionalism,” Culpeper Police Chief Chris Jenkins said. “This is an excellent example of how crisis intervention training and less than lethal technology helped our officers resolve a very dangerous situation. This situation could have certainly ended badly, but our officers used the training they had received to resolve this incident without anyone getting seriously injured or killed. We are hopeful that this young man will receive the treatment that he needs to overcome the crisis he was facing last evening. We also thank the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance during this incident.”

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