Culpeper’s real charm


By Barry N. Moore

“Hamburger and shake for me, Grandpa. I love their shakes,” said the young tow-headed boy twirling around on his swivel stool at the counter.

The date? Many years ago. The boy, me. The place was Gayheart Drugstore, which since became Frost Café, located in downtown Culpeper, VA. Still the same great burgers and shakes today.

Downtowns grow or become deserted, but they rarely remain the same. Many change with the generations and find a way to still thrive. Others stubbornly hold tight to “the old days” and slowly become little more than uninteresting names on a map.

Culpeper, especially its historic downtown, has found the secret to success throughout the decades and all its economic ups and downs: Honest shops with fairly priced products and customer service that exceeds expectations. Proprietors know customers by their first name and customers know the folks selling the products. This is the real charm of Culpeper—its people.

One nonprofit stands on the bridge of trust bringing businesses and consumers together: The Better Business Bureau. For more than a century across North America the BBB has stood on that bridge between businesses and consumers.

The BBB serving Central Virginia, established as a Virginia Bureau in 1954, focuses just as aggressively today as then on building trust and bridging differences that might arise between businesses and consumers. To be an “Accredited Business” with the BBB is to show the community and all its consumers you’ve passed a standards based review which included meeting (and maintaining) 38 different business professionalism requirements.

Culpeper County and Town have many BBB Accredited Businesses. When you see that BBB logo on the door of a business and on their web site, you can feel assured that business can be counted upon to do right by their customers, including hungry youngsters.

Editor’s note: Moore is the President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia. The BBB-CV covers 42 Virginia counties, including Culpeper, as well as the Metro Richmond region and other Independent cities.

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