Prophetic Beauty spreads Monica Huseby’s message

Monica Huseby wants women to know they’re beautiful – inside and out.

The owner of Prophetic Beauty in Culpeper is spreading her message of positivity and love nationwide, having recently returned from Sitka, Alaska, after having participated in the 10th annual Prom Princess program, sponsored by Alaska Airlines.

The program takes students from Mt. Edgecomb High School, a boarding school in Sitka, and provides a prom for them.

Huseby was invited by a friend of hers who she knew years ago from working at Estee Lauder. About 260 students attend the high school and while their education is paid for, they cannot afford special events like proms and many of their family members (who would traditionally help prepare them) are miles away.

That’s when Huseby and other professionals volunteer their time to help give these students a prom.

“It was overwhelming,” Huseby said. “The best part was I was able to bring my 10-year-old daughter.”

Huseby ended up providing Prophetic Beauty makeup – makeup that she calls “as organic as you can get without refrigerating it” – to 21 students.

“You had some that were very grateful to hear it and you had some that were very honest that said things like ‘I’ve always felt so ugly,’” Huseby said. “I would literally grab their hands and tell them how special and worthy they are. I knew then that’s why I was called to go.”

Prophetic Beauty started two and a half years ago after the company she worked for closed. Her friends, knowing her background of working as a makeup artist for almost 20 years, encouraged her to take her knowledge and brand her own makeup line.

Working with a vendor out of the U.S., Huseby started her line but made sure to incorporate the positive message of empowering women.

“Bigger than that it was a message for me,” Huseby. “I wanted to sit women in the chair and make sure they understood they were beautiful from the day they were born. That they are are created special, worthy, unique and enough.”

Prophetic Beauty is at its core a Christian-based company, but Huseby says her message can speak to any woman to teach them to love themselves and to teach them from where their beauty comes from.

The recent emphasis on empowering women and movements such as “Me Too,” has emboldened her message.

“It’s as if it’s just backing me from everything I’m saying and doing,” Huseby said.

She’s worked with SAFE to help provide makeup to women working with the abuse organization and helped at “Night to Shine,” the Tim Tebow event at Open Door Baptist Church in Culpeper.

“That began me realizing I wanted to pour more into it and give back,” Huseby said.

Her message is one that young women need to hear, she said, as society starts to become bullies earlier now.

“I think it starts at a really young age,” Huseby said. “Young girls start looking in the mirror and loving on themselves and trying on jewelry and playing dress up, to going to not being able to look at themselves in the mirror anymore. I think a lot of it comes from social pressure at school. It’s happening at recess and lunch time, you just see these overall cliques form.”

She says her message in Culpeper has been well-received, but she hopes to grow and spread the love. She says social media plays a strong role – using Facebook for Tip Tuesdays and Think About It Thursdays where she spreads the message.

“It’s almost a ministry, it’s how it feels in some ways,” Huseby said.

Her makeup is available at and at Jane of All Trades in downtown Culpeper. She also services customers at Second Look Studio in Culpeper.

“Culpeper has raised this business up to an amazing place,” Huseby said. “I’m inspired by amazing women, that have helped me to grow.

“For me, if the message is given, that’s all that matters, that’s the most important part for me,” she said. “If I’ve touched one young woman today, if she’s left feeling good about herself and empowered, then I’ve done my job.”

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