February 2018 Real Estate Transfers

Catalpa District

2/16: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Minihan, Sandra Y; 1.32 acres located at 13250 Windmill Way, $292,500

2/20: Wheeler, David R to Nielsen, Michael; 5.00 acres located at 4046 Indian Run RD, $380,000

2/23: White, Sylvia to JDW Construction Limited Liability Company and Other; 1.01 acres located near Eggbornsville RD, $25,000

2/28: Blevins, Dorothy E to Frazier, Timothy W; 3.66 acres located near Alum Springs RD, $68,500

Catalpa Town District

2/12: Hamm, Robert C and Wife to Morris, Sheral and Other; .15 acres located at 1638 Addie LN, $245,000

2/27: Boyce-Garrison Properties LLC to Long, Kim D; .25 acres located at 1110 Farley ST, $165,000

Cedar MTN District

2/1: Carpenter Seed Cleaning Plant INC to Dovell LLC; 6.94 acres located at 23527 Rapidan RD, $180,000

2/1: Drone, Buddy and Wife to Najera, Roger Arita and Other; multiple parcels located near James Madison HWY, $198,000

2/1: Potomac Conference Corp Seventh Day Adventist Church TO Sherbyn, Donald W; 26.59 acres located at 18111 Munson RD, $330,000

2/1: Mazariegos-Ascencio, Emma M and Husband to Hanna, Marguerite F; .14 acres located at 12109 Majestic PL, $265,000

2/5: Copeland, Wayne to Deep Country LLC; multiple parcels located near Rachaels Way and Old Mill RD, $162,500

2/15: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Reames, Wilfred T IV and Wife; 12.27 acres located at 10187 Laurel Ridge LN, $390,900

2/16: Sims, Elnora Vanessa and Husband to Braley, Jonathan and Wife; .13 acres located at 12323 Osprey LN, $249,900

2/22: Johnson-Encarnacion, Luis D and Wife to Paige, Trenton Lee and Wife; .14 acres located at 12221 Salt Cedar LN, $295,000

2/28: Shresha, Deep Kumar to Mitchell, Michael A and Wife; .13 acres located at 18106 Scenic Creek LN, $275,000

Cedar MTN Town District

2/6: Hansen, Robert G and Wife to Crowe Properties LLC; multiple parcels located near Willow Lawn DR, $270,000

2/16: AMDG Investments LLC to McCarty, Stacey Rae; Townhouse located at 848 Ripplebrook DR, $185,000


East Fairfax District

2/8: NVR INC to Baca Trujillo, Aldo and Other; .13 acres located at 2000 Crepe Myrtle LN, $242,990

2/9: Feeley, Caitlin to Monterroza, Oscar A; .13 acres located at 2018 Silver Bell CT, $268,000

2/9: NVR INC to Guzman, Bautista Kenrly; .13 acres located at 2017 Crepe Myrtle LN, $268,210

2/15: FFC Properties LLC to Breckley, Vincent G and Wife; .15 acres located at 1892 Golden Rod RD, $326,500

2/16: Estates at Mountain Brook LC to Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC; multiple parcels located near Electric AVE, $254,500

2/20: Rodriguez, Jesus E and Wife to Larios, Martin S; .14 acres located at 1768 Finley DR, $280,000

2/21: Highpoint HP LLC to NVR INC; multiple parcels located near Post Oak DR, $226,000

2/21: Tetterton, Jason O to Davis, Waylon; Townhouse located at 1821 Sunflower DR, $237,500

2/21: NVR INC to McCawley, Byron and Other; .17 acres located at 2040 Crepe Myrtle LN, $257,725

2/22: Schulte, Sherrie J ET AL to Jones, Daniel Iain and Wife; .14 acres located at 1943 Cotton Tail DR, $267,000

2/23: Holmes, Christina M and Other to Fuentes-Diaz, Rory A; .22 acres located at 1903 Cotton Tail DR, $330,000

2/28: NVR INC to Aftae, Tewdros and Other; .14 acres located at 2016 Crepe Myrtle LN, $246,880

Jefferson District

2/2: Springer, William F to Middleton, Douglas Randall and Wife; 3.43 acres located at 2102 Riley RD, $365,000

2/8: Sewell, Lyndon Stewart and Others to Payne, Edward M; 2.71 acres located at 10102 Alum Springs RD, $175,000

2/15: Craft, Billy W and Wife to Miele, John and Wife; 1.43 acres located at 2207 Wildwood Forest BLVD, $326,450

2/20: Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hathcock, David A and Wife; 2.09 acres located at 15051 Rixeyville Lakes CT, $345,000

2/21: Hartz, Bruce L to MADA LC; 1.50 acres located near Riley RD, $80,000


Salem District

2/1: Smith, Ginger Settle to Gonnella, Nicholas Robert and Other; 1.53 acres located at 11040 C L Jackson DR, $254,900

2/1: Butler, Martha Sue to Forney, David Loren JR; 5.07 acres located at 8450 Curling Creek LN, $245,000

2/2: Westco Builders INC to Kincheloe, Joseph C; 11.81 acres located near Reva Farms LN, $88,600

2/5: Lozano, Mark Albert and Others to Weaver, David A JR and Wife; 2.00 acres located at 11036 Mountain Run Lake RD, $260,000

2/9: Hoffman, James S to Lane, Alan B and Other; 3.88 acres located near Griffinsburg RD, $60,000

2/13: Emerson, Deborah B to Izzie, Rudolph John Ray and Other; 6.47 acres located at 3277 Cabin RD, $337,000

2/16: Hutchinson, Reva K to Westco Builders INC; 7.23 acres located near Old Stillhouse RD, $63,000

2/16: Johnson, Michael L and Wife to Skellenger, David O; 6.22 acres located at 15280 Oakland RD, $283,000

2/20: Johnson, George A and Wife to Miller, David Louis and Other; 30.00 acres located at 10464 Hidden Lake LN, $550,000

2/20: Roy, Scott Anthony to Bloomberg, Lynda L; 2.21 acres located at 6162 Griffinsburg RD, $295,000

2/23: Stables, Jeffrey Lee and Wife to Coles, William M; multiple parcels located near Rixeyville RD, $265,000

2/23: Pentagon Federal Credit Union to Munoz, Alejandro G and Wife; 1.15 acres located at 17158 Paddington CT, $410,000

2/28: Williams, Franklin G to Lugn, Bruce and Wife; 4.06 acres located at 14225 Norman RD, $245,000

Stevensburg District

2/1: Real Estate Assets LLC to Etrata, Graciano J and Wife; 10.03 acres located at 34160 Richards Ferry RD, $325,000

2/1: NVR INC to Cote, Sean and Other; .47 acres located at 14510 Kingsmill Way, $368,414

2/5: Ferrero, Edward P and Wife to Berezny, Melonia; 10.17 acres located at 15591 Bleak Hill RD, $381,000

2/16: National Relief Charities to Marems LLC; 4.00 acres located at 13318 Airpark DR, $850,000

2/16: Toth, Ronald M and Wife to Heeran, Christopher and Others; 1.27 acres located at 12266 Robin RD, $352,000

2/22: Anderson, Michael J and Wife to Megonigal, Robyn A; 13.42 acres located at 17094 Tally Ho TRL, $622,500

2/26: Blantz, Michael S to Gallota, David Albert and Wife; 10 acres located near MT Zion Church RD, $132,500

2/27: Stickbow LLC to NVR INC; .48 acres located at 14211 Belle AVE, $80,000


West Fairfax District

2/6: Allen, Mary Anderson and Others to Fritter, Steven Paul and Wife; .12 acres located at 450 Greens CT, $257,000

2/7: Payne, Andrew Craig and Wife to Danner, Drew and Wife; .29 acres located at 206 Gardner ST, $210,000

2/14: Lakeview HP LLC to NVR INC; .12 acres located at 834 Virginia AVE, $60,000

2/20: Jacobsen, Alexander P and Other to Tilak, Amit and Wife; .20 acres located at 625 Hunters RD, $299,900

2/22: Lakeview HP LLC to NVR INC; .20 acres located near Holly Crest DR, $60,000

2/22: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Henderson, E Mark and Wife; .28 acres located at 2067 Golf DR, $442,999

2/26: Jenkins, Andrea Chadwick and Husband to Tekippe, David A and Wife; .22 acres located at 906 Riverdale CIR, $322,000

2/26: H & C Investors LLC to Richmond American Homes of Virginia Homes of Virginia INC; multiple parcels located in Wayland Manor Subdivision, $1,140,000

2/27: Lakeview HP LLC to NVR INC; .17 acres located near Holly Crest DR, $60,000

2/27: Campbell, Stacie H to Ly, Michael; Townhouse located at 328 Snyder LN, $210,000

2/28: Randolph, Gariel D and Wife to Verardo, Vincent M and Wife; .27 acres located at 1073 Virginia AVE, $315,000

2/28: Shifflet, Mark to Richardson, Joseph G and Others; .22 acres located at 942 Riverdale CIR, $274,000