Tips for seniors

Seniors need to be aware of fraudulent phone calls and fraudulent ads in newspapers. When they have an ad in the paper, make sure they have the quantity of what they advertised, with these beautiful low price ads.

When your tires are low and it’s pulling to the side, find out from the manual in your glove compartment what your tire pressure should be. Pull up to a tire company and tell them that your car is pulling to one side and ask them to please check this for me and tell them the proper pressure. They check it and tell you the pressure is low. Get a second opinion if you are a senior citizen before you shell out for a brand new tire. Then you will know which way to go. Is the tire old and dry rotted? Should I go ahead and replace it? If you decide to replace it go ahead and find the best price you can find in town.

Charles A. Rankin,