Scoop on Davis a sweet addition to downtown


Visitors on East Davis Street now have a place to get their ice cream fix.

Steve and Linda Dohl, owners of Poppy and Chalk at 201 E. Davis St., opened Scoop on Main two weeks ago.

Opened on Feb. 9, the store was a highlight of Culpeper Renaissance Inc.’s annual Mardi Gras. Despite the steady rain throughout the day, the brightly colored ice cream shop was filled to the brim with frozen treat aficionados.

Dohl said they often heard from visitors coming into Poppy and Chalk looking for a place to get an ice cream cone downtown. They had nowhere to send them, so when the space became open – previously occupied by  The Original Hope Co. and Bride and Joy, they decided to solve the problem themselves.

“I can’t tell you how many times during the summer when people come in and ask ‘is there any place around here to get a good cone of ice cream?’,” Steve Dohl said. “We had a beautiful space and we took advantage of it.”

They’ve partnered with Gifford’s Ice Cream out of Maine to offer 10 flavors – ranging from chocolate, vanilla and mint chocolate chip to smores and camp coffee.

This will be the first time Giffords is offered locally, though they have retailers in Manassas and Haymarket.

“It’s not carried in stores, it’s pretty much an East Coast thing,” Dohl said.

Dohl said that after deciding to open an ice cream shop, he and his wife did a lot of research before deciding on Giffords as their offering.

“They’ve been very accommodating and they’ve got great ice cream,” Dohl said. “They have lots of different flavors and we’ll add more in the spring. I looked at a number other of places. looked locally but I wanted to make sure I had a premium ice cream.”

If the crowds on Saturday of Mardi Gras are any indication, the residents of Culpeper are fans of the brand.

“Saturday was packed,” Dohl said. “So far people are responding, I know my wife put it on Facebook and it blew up. People have been waiting for something like this in Culpeper.”

Opening in February seems odd for an ice cream shop, but Dohl said they were excited to fill the space beside Poppy and Chalk and it gives them time to prepare for the inevitable summer rush.

“It gives us an opportunity to learn the trade,” Dohl said.

A scoop of Giffords costs $3.25, $4.25 for a double and $5.25 for a triple. A milkshake costs $5.25. They offer toppings as well – sprinkles, chocolate chips and candies, in either a waffle or cake cone.

The Dohls opened Poppy and Chalk in December 2014 on East Street and moved to its current location in November 2015 at Clarke Hardware closed. The building was built in 1900 and is owned by the Culpeper Masons.

Poppy and Chalk specializes in restoring vintage furniture, they carry an array of chalk paint for enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers or they’ll do it for you.

Visitors on a recent weekday strolled through the store, sipping on a milkshake, which is part of the plan, Dohl said.

“We hope to get them through the door and then have them look around,” he said with a laugh.

Store hours are 1 to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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