BOS approves ‘Welcome to Culpeper’ sign on water tower

In a quick morning meeting of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors, the only major action included the approval of a “Welcome to Culpeper” sign painted on the new town water tower along Route 15.

Culpeper Town Manager Chris Hively sent a request last week asking for the county’s permission to have the welcome message painted on the water tower while they are painting it within the next 30 days. The town had to ask the county for permission for any signage on the water tower, which is being built on the property where The Culpeper is being built.

The request passed 7-0, with Catalpa Supervisor Sue Hansohn only asking if communication towers could be placed on the top of the tower. Culpeper County Administrator John Egertson answered they can, as long as the BOS approves and no public hearing is needed.

In other business, the board heard from Mark Nesbit, VDOT Warrenton Residency Administrator about VDOT’s efforts in the county.

The only new project in the county’s future includes a Smart Scale program expansion of the park and ride in Brandy Station, which is on schedule to be advertised for late 2020.

Nesbit said several resurfacing projects are in place in the county, including 23 miles of primary and 48 miles of secondary roads.

He gave an update on revenue sharing funds, stating that there is $208 million available for a two-year period with $74 million requested in Tier I projects and $161.8 million requested in Tier II projects statewide. That exceeds the money available, so Nesbitt said that instead of 100 percent match, it will likely be between 77 and 80 percent.

BOS chairman and Stevensburg Supervisor Bill Chase again pointed out the issue along Route 3 at the intersection of Stevensburg Road.

“There’s no median strip, you can’t get out one way or the other,” Chase said. “I wish you’d come up with some solution, this is the worst designed intersection in the county.”

Nesbitt said they would continue to work to find a way to rectify the issue.

Hansohn pointed out that many constituents have expressed concern about the speed limits along the new outer loop on the new section of Ira Hoffman Lane. It begins at 50 miles per hour but drops to 45 miles per hour after a short stretch.

“The Virginia State Police have been making a lot of money on tickets,” Hansohn said. “You should make it all 45.”

Nesbitt said they would look into getting it resolved.

The board also voted to table a propose Utility Scale Solar Development Policy coming out of the rules committee as more information is becoming available. They voted to meet after a scheduled budget hearing in February to further discuss the policy.

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