Local pastors come together to improve community

By Amy Wagner

Contributing Writer

As the end of the work week closes in and many people begin yet another early morning commute to work, a handful of pastors gather locally to lift the community and each other up in prayer.

On the first Thursday of each month, at 8 a.m., a local group of clergy gather at the Culpeper Police Station to support, encourage and uplift each other.

The prayer group was initiated three months ago by Tom Friedrichs, pastor of City On a Hill Church who relocated here from Vermont last March.  Friedrichs recalls having a similar group there and “everyone was mutually supportive of each other.”  A handful of pastors have been attending the prayer group each month, which meets at the Police Station, a location chosen for neutrality purposes in lieu of a specific church.

“It was about finding a place where pastors can come together and be vulnerable,” said Erick Kalenga, group member and pastor at His Village.

All pastors who currently serve a church are welcome to attend each month.  The group’s purpose is to grow together, pray together and support each other so ultimately they can better support the community.  During a recent conversation Kalenga expressed a desire to do more than just pray together stressing the importance of fostering relationships among the pastors.  Friedrichs agrees saying, “the best partnerships come out of relationships.”

Both pastors are excited about the potential power of the group though Kalenga honestly admitted this week that they have a long way to go.  “We have to be able to address real issues,” he said adding, “the Kingdom of God is about impacting a city; a community.  It’s not just about one church.”

Local pastors interested in attending the monthly prayer group can contact Friedrichs at pastortom@cityonahill.ws for more information.