Wellspring takes over Madison Family Physicians Feb. 1


Wellspring Health Services’s mission has always been to keep care local.

Now, they’ll be helping over 2,000 patients in the Madison community beginning February 1.

Wellspring Health Services will welcome Dr. David Schenck, of Madison Family Physicians, to their growing group of family practices. In December, Schenck posted a notice in the local newspaper that his longtime practice was going to close at the end of January. Wellspring CEO, Dr. Khalid Athar saw the notice and immediately knew it was an opportunity to help the Madison Community, keep their care local. “One of Dr. Athar’s goals and why he wanted to bring Wellspring to the community was to increase the access for health care services,” Sandy Boone, Executive Director of Wellspring Health Services, said. “The practice doesn’t have to close and Wellspring is excited be part of the Madison community, keeping patients local.”

Schenck said it was a myriad of issues that led to him having to consider closing the practice. “Practicing medicine as an independent provider has become increasingly difficult,” Boone said. Dr. Schenck practices medicine the “old school way,” spending 30 minutes to an hour with each patients; it’s the way he’s been practicing for 35 years. When ask, what he thought about Wellspring buying his practice, he responded – “You could have pushed me over with a feather.”  “I am thrilled that my patients will be able to continue care in the same location and in the same community.” Keeping the practice in Madison, while accepting new patients, was one of the primary reasons for Wellspring stepping forward. “If you ask five people if they want to travel out of town for health care services, four of them will say absolutely not,” Schenck said.

Now, Wellspring providers will see patients in the office where Dr. Schenck has been practicing, 125 N. Main Street with Schenck serving as Medical Director for the practice. It’s uncharted territory for the longtime Madison physician but he admits it’s a new day. “I had been trying for two years to recruit someone to take over this practice,” he said.

Boone stressed that patients will receive the same compassionate care while ensuring that their records will already be on-hand for the Wellspring providers to access.“We look forward to Dr. Schencks patients staying with us,” Boone said. “We want them to feel like family. Our goal is to retain as many of the staff that have an interest in working for our organization. That helps the comfort level of the patients.” Boone also said the Wellspring will provide some specialty services at this at the Madison location.”In the beginning we are looking to bring our Foot and Ankle Specialist, Dr. Mariam Popal and our Diabetic Educator, Suzanne Amoruso to the Madison clinic, ” Boone said.

Wellspring has begun discussing upgrades to the technology at the office, including the phone system. A Wellspring banner will also be hung outside to let the public know they are coming to the community.

In the end, Wellspring is committed to keeping care close to home.

“The community thanks Wellspring for keeping the facility open,” Dr Schenk said. “It’s the right thing for the community.”

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