Tax reform? Bring it on!


Every administration says they are going to do things to relieve the middle class in this country.  Taxes are always at the forefront of their battle cries.  Regardless of the party, they all fail miserably.  I tend to believe that it is because very few of our representatives are middle class themselves.  They all say the right words about wanting to take off pressure from the working men and women, but in reality they have little idea of what it is to have a job today in America.

Our jobs and livelihoods are under constant assault.  Jobs are routinely moved to low cost countries, abandoning unemployed American workers as a result.  For all of their talk, our politicians have done virtually nothing to penalize companies from sending American jobs overseas. Many Americans live with an unspoken fear of losing their jobs simply because of where they live.

Second, our wages don’t increase with the cost of living.  Companies learned during the last few recessions that they could get away with paying lower raises because there was little employees could do.  When the economy rebounded and grew, they stayed stingy with wage increases.  Their thinking is simple – if you don’t like it here, you can go work somewhere else.

Third, despite all of this, companies expect more hours and loyalty from their workers – regardless of how they treat them.  It’s bizarre but a reality.

The truth is that our politicians don’t care about the middle class other than they want to collect our taxes to subsidize government programs, period.  You can’t tax the poor, they don’t make enough.  Congress won’t tax the rich because they are part of the upper class themselves.  Even Congress isn’t stupid enough to raise their own taxes.  The only protection that politicians want to do of the middle class is to ensure they keep on working so they can take our money.  As such, I have grown jaded at Washington’s cries to protect working-class Americans.

Our “leaders” in Congress are disconnected from people who actually work for a living.  We are a generation that has either been laid off or had friends and family members lose their jobs, often more than once.  We have experienced what it is like to be middle class in our nation and it sucks.  We make too much money to get a student loan for our kids, but not enough money to pay for their college.  Both family members often have to work just to make ends meet. Taxes, to the middle class, are just one more obstacle we must deal with that drains our income.

Enter Donald Trump and a massive tax reform.  Even before it was released, the Democrats screamed that it was going to hurt the middle class…as if they cared.  I happen to support our President but even I am skeptical of the law.  Both parties have lied so much about taxes and the protection of the middle class, that I find myself doubtful of real relief.  Only one time in my life has a President said they would return our tax dollars to us, and that was George Bush and his tax rebate.  Every other change that was supposed to help me as a middle class American has been a non-event, or has actually had the opposite effect.

Despite my deep skepticism, I’m willing to roll the dice with the new tax reform package.  My reasoning is simple; we elected Donald Trump to inflict change on Washington DC and reboot our country.  This tax reform package is a pretty significant change. He’s trying…and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think his intentions are honorable, despite what the mainstream media would have us believe.  At best, I might actually see a positive difference in my taxes.  At worst, I will pay more – which is what I have come to expect from Washington trying to help me.  The truth is that none of us will know what the impact is until we actually fill out the new shorter tax form for the first time or see the change in our take home pay.  It cannot be any worse than the myriad of idiotic programs that have been shoved down our throats over the last few decades, all under the guise of helping those of us in the middle class.

If nothing else, one thing is different…the man in the White House is doing exactly what he said he would do.  That alone counts for a great deal.  Tax reform?  Bring it on!