Lifestyle Physicians hosts third annual $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge


Lifestyle Physicians third annual $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge is providing extra motivation for residents who want to start the new year off with a new look.

“It’s a very big motivation,” Dr.  Sagar Verma, found of Lifestyle Physicians said. “It really motivates a lot of people. Weight is one of the biggest issues right now. Obesity is the number one cause of so many medical problems. It’s an awesome thing that more and more people should do.”

The challenge started Dec. 27 and registration runs through Jan. 20 at noon. Last year, more than 65 people signed up and Verma hopes to double the number this year. The male and female winner will each take home $5,000.

Verma stresses that the challenge is a medical weight loss program and that as a board certified doctor in obesity medicine, he can help patients take and keep the pounds off.

As part of the challenge patients go through a full medical exam, blood test, EKG, body composition analysis and metabolic tests. Lifestyle Physicians accepts most major insurances and all of the visits and tests are covered.

“The highlight of the program is that the patient is seen every week, and they’re seen every two weeks by me personally,” Verma said.

Lifestyle physicians also keeps in contact with the patient’s family care to keep them up to date on their progress and to monitor if they have diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Some of the methods used include meal replacements, though patients can also eat their own meals, HCG injections, lipo-tropic injections, B12 injections and appetite suppressants.

“Some of them are appetite suppressants and some of them control cravings,” Verma said. “They really do help you lose weight. We also use a lot of natural supplements like vitamins and minerals.”

The Culpeper location of Lifestyle Physicians opened in Culpeper and will help patients meet their goals during the challenge. The first and last visit for patients will be in Warrenton, with the rest of the visits held in Culpeper.

“This is going to be different this year because this is the first year we’ve had an office here,” Verma said. “Most of our patients are from Culpeper, so this will be really easy for those patients.”

Lifestyle Physicians also provides naturopathic medicine with Dr. Sheeba Asad, a licensed naturopathic doctor who joined the practice more than a year ago.

“We do treat diseases naturally, we do nutrition therapy,” Verma said.

Lifestyle Physicians also does non-surgical body sculpting, suing FDA-approved machines to burn fat and tight skin. They also offer low-cost botox treatments and pharmacy grade supplements.

“We hope many more people will be motivated to lose weight with our 2018 Weight Loss Challenge contest,” Verma said.

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