Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Two Overdoses, Resulting in One Death Monday Night

On Monday night, February 27, 2017, Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to two possible overdose incidents within 10 minutes. The Culpeper Town Police Department also responded to an overdose incident during the same time frame. […]


Raven’s Nest celebrates 10 years of sustenance

For 10 years, Raven’s Nest Coffee House has been feeding the people. For owner Jessica Hall, that doesn’t always involve edibles.

“It’s not just food and drink that goes into sustaining the people,” she said. “It’s more than just what goes into your mouth.” […]


This Rural Life- How, What and Why?: You say Potayto; I say Potahto

Seed potatoes are now available in many farm and garden stores. Basic varieties are familiar to most folks. Russet, a smooth oval-shaped potato, is great for baking and French-frying. Kennebec, large, bumpy, and disease-resistant, is a later-maturing variety. It is good for boiling and mashing. Pontiac, a wonderful early potato, has red skin and is very tender. Yukon gold has yellow flesh and looks like it has already been buttered. More recently, blue and red flesh potatoes have become available. […]


EPICUREAN MUSE: Torrontes is a tempting Argentinian white to lure you into spring

Without a doubt, spring is in the air and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration it’s looking like we have just experienced the third warmest winter on record. Cherry trees in D.C. are way ahead of schedule, as in peak bloom by mid-March is the current forecast. In and around Culpeper it’s looking quite springy too and white wine sales are more brisk than usual for this time of year. Suddenly we are making recommendations for lighter styles to enjoy with friends on picnics and outdoor entertaining. […]


Culpeper Times & Treasures of Culpeper – My nomination for Best of the Best!

I feel compelled to congratulate The Culpeper Times for the February 23rd issue as it was, in my mind, clearly the “Best of the Best.” Like many area residents, I have at times been vocally critical of the local news coverage for using “canned” articles completely devoid of local content or real interest to readers. […]


Delivery dilemma

The good news is that newspapers are alive and well and circulating in Culpeper. Be it a daily or weekly, like the Culpeper Times, we’re happy that folks still enjoy reading about their local world and advertisers are willing to support that effort. […]


Culpeper Police respond and make arrest in arson at local recycling business

On February 25, 2017 at approximately 6:39 pm, officers with the Culpeper Police Department and various Fire Departments were dispatched to Wise Recycling and Services located in the 700-block of N. Commerce Street for a reported fire. Upon arrival, units discovered a vehicle that was on fire. Fire department personnel were able to extinguish the fire shortly after it was reported. […]