Drums Alive comes to Culpeper

Culpeper was alive with the sound of drums Nov. 13.

Ignite Fitness, LLC hosted Drums Alive creator Carrie Ekins and COO Karen Watanabe. The duo led an Ability Beats class for those with social, emotional, and/or physical disabilities at Culpeper Baptist Church.

Ignite Fitness, LLC offers Drums Alive and Ability Beats classes weekly at Culpeper Baptist Church. To register visit www,culpeperbaptist.org and search Ignite Fitness or contact Sharon Gregory at sgregory@ignitefitnessllc.com.

Ignite Fitness Founder and President Sharon Gregory said that Culpeper doesn’t have enough programs that address the needs of individuals that face these challenges.

“By actively engaging participants while meeting their sensory needs, we can allow them to grow not only physically, but socially and emotionally during their time with us,” Gregory said.

Ignite Fitness offers the most unique activities and programs such as Drums Alive: Ability Beats, a whole brain, whole body cardio drumming program made successful for everyone. Creative movement/cooperative games, relaxation techniques and laughter yoga are also utilized to help participants achieve stronger self regulating and coping techniques they can use not only in our classes, but outside the gym in everyday life.

Gregory has more than 30 years of physical education teaching experience as well as being certified in Adapted PE.  She has also completed a six-month Inclusive Fitness Training Program called BeHuman to help her launch her new endeavor, ensuring that she has the tools she needs.

After witnessing first hand how well attended and successful the few Adapted Family Fun Nights have been at her school, she knew it’s time to take action and make her dreams of offering more for this population a reality.

“The goal of Ignite Fitness is to offer programs that will offer opportunities for individuals of all ages, all abilities to live active, healthy and happy lives,” Gregory said.

To learn more about the business – visit ​www.ignitefitnessllc.com​ for more information.