Everything slows down in November

By Donald Sherbeyn

What’s to be said about this time of year?

The days have grown shorter and shortened still with ‘Daylight savings’, the rain has returned and the cold soon to follow. Holiday shopping and family gatherings filling the few blank spaces in our calendars.

We live life so fast these days it’s easy to let a day’s pass us by without making a single memory. It’s easy to let the schedule bring us here and take us there without much thought about what it truly is we are doing. Most days being like the one before it and even the one after it, get up, get the kids off, get the morning tasks done, get the day started, do what we need to do, get the kids, make dinner, get the evening tasks done and get to bed. This goes on day after day with little thought. The next thing being the important thing. We finish one after another without though to ensure there is time for the next. Not remembering to slow down and take pleasure from the things we do because of course there is always something that needs to be done next.

Well, Here is what I have to say about this time of year.

Mother Nature slows down this time of year, the sun sleeps longer, the winds blow longer, rain falls more. Trees and shrubs prepare for the winter. Perennials die back to the ground. The cold slows us down. I personally think this is gods reminder to slow down and take some pleasure from the things we are doing right now.

The small pleasure of watching our kids wake. A good morning kiss to my wife that last a little longer than usual. The leafs on the trees as I travel or the clear air opening views not often visible, a thick fog offering a different view. The conversation with my teen agers as we get ready for our days. Tickling my 7 year old to hear her laugh, seeing that smile as I pull her from the truck and usher her off to school. Stopping on the front porch of our office to great the guys and enjoy a few minutes together before we head out to build someone’s dream.

I have come to realize life moves faster as we get older because we forget to take enjoyment from the day to day things we do. The more I try to get done so I can get onto the next, the less memories I make.

So what really is to be said about November?

From a landscapers point of view November is for planting.  A football fan, it’s about the games. A savvy shopper it’s about black Friday. Wall street it’s about the end of the year. But for all of us it should be to slow down and make some memories.

Lets enjoy our families and friends. Lets enjoy the embrace of love and friendship and remember the day. Let’s make memories this month we can smile about for years, make new friendships and celebrate old ones.