FFRW Endorses Chuck Duncan


Founding Fathers Republican Women (FFRW) members strongly support Chuck Duncan’s candidacy for the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors, Jefferson District.  As Chairman of the Culpeper County Republican Committee, Chuck worked closely with the FFRW to promote equal rights, justice, and opportunity for all citizens, a well-informed electorate, and a fiscally responsible, transparent government.

Chuck recognizes that “all politics is local” and that he can be most effective when applying his guiding principles to Culpeper County concerns.  Over the past several years, Chuck has been a frequent attendee at Board of Supervisors and School Board meetings   He has employed the analytic skills he developed as an Air Force project manager and a civilian defense contractor to issues such as county population growth, school system requirements, the county budget, and the county’s private business ventures.  With Chuck as a member, the Board of Supervisors will benefit more directly from the unique experience, skills, and dedication he is eager to contribute to his community.

Chuck is running on a platform of bringing Culpeper together across party, racial, ethnic, economic, age, and religious boundaries.  He wants to make Culpeper more business-friendly, to create more jobs here for the next generation, and to train our young people for those jobs.  He has close working relationships with the five state legislators representing parts of Culpeper County and with our U.S. Congressional Representative Dave Brat.  Thus, he is able to bring critical local issues to the attention of state and even federal government officials and to fight unwarranted regulations and other intrusions.

If you reside in the Jefferson District, we urge you to vote for Chuck Duncan on November7.

Barbara Kile, President FFRW