Re-elect Brad Rosenberger for Jefferson District supervisor

Normally when an individual has held the same office for thirty two years and request my vote to remain in office my first thought is, what has this individual accomplished in the last thirty two years that makes them ask for my support for an additional 4 years.  In Brad Rosenberger’s case that is not the question.  The question is, what we would do without the steady hand of common sense, issue awareness and responsiveness to constituents request without Brad.

I have been blessed by having Brad as my representative as a Supervisor in the county government for the last twenty years.  On a number of occasions I, for myself as well as for my neighbors have requested that Brad intervene on my/our behalf for issues such as proper marking of the primary highway, Highway 633 in our area, for the installation of school crossings, stoppage, etc. and the plea for the local postmaster to allow their carrier to deliver mail into the neighborhood rather than drop main in boxes along a busy highway, the recovery being a high risk endeavor.  In every instance Brad had come through.

I am a retired Sailor who knows nothing about farming except it is essential to the economic growth and maintenance of low taxes in Culpeper.  I do, however, know a large number of farmers.  To the man, each individual questioned has nothing but high praise for Brad.  His knowledge of the farmers issues based on being a 5th generation farmer allows him to represent these individuals and their way of life in such a manner that farming is and continues to be a major component in the economic train of Culpeper county.

Brad is not a politician.  He is a working family man who cares deeply for the health and wellbeing of his neighbors.   He understands and constantly support the needs of basic education in our school system.  He understands that every student does not need a college education but needs to be prepared for a meaningful job which not only improves their quality of life but adds to the value of our local work force whether he/she is a plumber, carpenter, mechanic or electrician.

The steady hand and common sense approach to decision making by the Board of Supervisors of Culpeper needs the continued presence of Brad Rosenberger.  I strongly appeal to your understanding of the need for such a thoughtful approach to problem solving as exhibited by Brad.  Please cast your ballot for county supervisor for the Jefferson District on November 7, 2017 for the reelection of Brad Rosenberger.

Jimmy R. Calhoun

Captain, U S Navy, Retired.