Chuck Duncan is the better choice for Jefferson District

In 2014 the Board of Supervisors wanted to update the country’s noise ordinance.  I took my concerns to my supervisor and spoke at public hearings.  The majority of Board members dismissed public input as equal to nuisance noise.

In April and July, Mr. Rosenberger, Jefferson District Supervisor, advocated giving “teeth” to the ordinance by increasing the penalty for a violation to a Class 2 misdemeanor, with up to $1000 fines and 6 months in jail.  In July he voted to do away with warnings. He voted to change the start of quiet hours in the winter to 6 pm instead of 10 pm.  These changes and others led to the Sept 2014 public hearing where a large unhappy crowd packed the meeting.  By the way, farmers like Mr. Rosenberger are exempt from the ordinance.

Chuck Duncan or his wife, Carol attended every committee and Board meeting and spoke at every public hearing involved with the noise ordinance.  They defended the rights of average citizens to use their snow-blowers, target shoot on their property, or even go Christmas caroling without fear of legal action.

Chuck was the leader on this local issue. The Culpeper County Republican Committee and Republican Women’s group joined Chuck in opposition to the ordinance and sent resolutions to the Board of Supervisors. Chuck worked with other citizens like myself to advocate for a solution that would be fair to all who live in the county.

In the end, the Board bowed to public pressure and tabled the changes to the ordinance. This long painful bureaucratic process made me realize how detached our government has become from the people it is supposed to serve.

The Jefferson District is very lucky to have a choice on November 7th like Chuck Duncan for supervisor.



Nancy Richmond