Rosenberger cares deeply about Culpeper


On November 7th it is important Brad Rosenberger be re-elected to the Board of Supervisors.

I have known Brad for nearly 40 years.  I served with him for 10 years on the Board of Supervisors.   He is a man of integrity who cares deeply about Culpeper County.

Brad has proven during his 32 years of service as a Supervisor, Vice Chairman and Chairman, his concern for Culpeper County by bringing in new industry with its new jobs and its additional revenue for our County, by continuing with our top quality schools, by improving our roads and by maintaining our strong agriculture base.

Brad is a fifth generation family farmer in Jeffersonton.  Brad is dedicated to serving the people of his district and the citizens of Culpeper County.  He and his family have been an important part of the fabric of this County for generations.

Your vote for Brad Rosenberger will ensure a proven strong and effective hand to continue our steady progress.

Ruth Updike