Jefferson District needs new leadership


Chuck Duncan’s September 14th analysis of the mosque lawsuits was a refreshing change from the media coverage on the topic.  Putting allegations and emotions aside, county supervisors should use existing policy as the framework for making fair decisions affecting the public good.

Chuck has been a consistent observer of local government for years.  He speaks out at Board of Supervisor meetings about questionable Board actions and urges citizens to do the same.  I belong to two community organizations where Chuck often provides  factual insight on local issues of concern. His leadership is appreciated and trusted.

Chuck believes decision-making should be based on clear consistent government policies.  As a former Air Force officer he knows the importance of a good flight plan especially when lives depend on it.  When supervisors stray from policy to foster good intentions or to make special exceptions, policy suffers and so do the citizens of the community.  Special treatment for special cases is not the function of government and puts a supervisor’s integrity at risk. The goal is to protect the health, safety and welfare of all.

My current supervisor, Mr. Rosenberger, doesn’t share Chuck’s conviction about policy.  In the mosque case he ignored policy by approving the sewage permit and Culpeper got sued, twice.  With the noise ordinance in 2014, Mr. Rosenberger supported rewriting policy for the benefit of one citizen and to the detriment of everyone else.

The county needs a supervisor who will develop, promote and apply sound policy to support county decisions.  Visit Chuck’s webpage ( to learn more about him.  Most importantly, get out to vote for Chuck Duncan on November 7th.

Lynn Neviaser


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  1. Perhaps you didn’t notice but the Mosque case happened because the board denied. Had they voted with Mr. Rosenberger, there would have been no law suit.

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