30th District election choices


This November, the residents of the 30th District will have two choices for the House of Delegates.  Both claim to support our 2nd Amendment rights, however, only one of them actually has a record of doing so, 30th District Delegate NICK FREITAS.

Delegate Freitas is a strong advocate of the right of Virginians to defend themselves, as is protected under our Constitution.  During his time as our Delegate Nick has fought vigorously in favor of upholding, defending, and expanding our rights to keep and bear arms.  This fundamental freedom was enshrined by our Founding Fathers as an elemental component of a free nation.

Nick understands the Founders included the right to bear arms in our Constitution to deter the over reach of government and to pave the way for a citizens militia should it be needed.  It was also included because the right to defend oneself is a fundamental freedom every responsible human should have.

While his Democrat opponent professes support for the 2nd Amendment, which most of the members of his party do not, Delegate Fretas is on the frontlines fighting for critical legislation such as Constitutional carry, expanding concealed carry, and supporting a bill that would allow for reciprocity in gun laws in 50 States.  I hope you will join us by voting to re-elect NICK FREITAS so that he can continue the work of upholding our Constitutional values in Richmond.

Melanie and Bob Chambers