We need BOS change

The citizens of Jefferson District make your vote really count and vote for a candidate that will truly represent you on the Board of Supervisors.  One that will attend committee meetings, truly wants to listen to their concerns, solve your problems and lobby for you in Richmond and Washington D C.  That candidate is CHUCK DUNCAN for Supervisor. He knows and networks with State Government Representatives and Mr. Brat in Congress.

Chuck is a career problem solver, and will lobby in Richmond to protect Culpeper County interests, and those of his District.  He will rally against unfunded mandates that the state requires our citizens to follow and on which our taxpayer money is spent.

We all deserve a County Supervisor that lobbies for our interests, wants to work hard for our County,  wants to see business thrive and expand here, and puts the County residents first, not special interests.

Please vote for CHUCK DUNCAN for Culpeper County Board of Supervisors from Jefferson District!

Melanie Chambers