Culpeper cares: CUMC sends flood and hygiene buckets to hurricane areas

In February of 2016, Culpeper took its first team of volunteers to Mission Central Hub in Mechanicsville, Virginia. This trip served a wonderful purpose, to help people realize that they can still be involved in mission, although they are not willing or able to work on houses or be on roofs (what people think a mission trip usually entails). It empowered the older adults in our church, who desperately wanted to serve in mission, but were unsure how that could materialize. After spending a couple days in Mission Central, and sorting materials in their giant warehouse that would be sent out to people in need all over the world, our team was hooked and they wanted to bring this mission back to Culpeper UMC.

In the summer of 2017, Culpeper United Methodist Church became the first Mission Central Hub in Virginia. This means that we are a collection site for UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee on Relief). We collect materials for hygiene kits, flood, buckets, and school kits. We also collect medical supply materials. We store all these materials, and when our storehouses become full, we take these supplies to Mission central in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Mission Central is a partner of the mission of the Susquehanna Conference in the United Methodist Church and a member of the UMCOR Relief Supply Network. Each year this organization, which began in 2002, helps 3 million people locally, nationally, and globally each year.

Through our partnership with Mission Central, this week Culpeper United Methodist Church sent 100 flood buckets and 120 hygiene kits. We are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support from our community to make this delivery possible and be the hand and feet of Christ to those affected by the recent hurricanes.

Rev. Jessie Squires Colwell

Culpeper United Methodist Church