Durr named interim CEO for Culpeper Chamber of Commerce

Dave Durr
The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors announced Tuesday morning that former Chamber Board Chair David Durr, will serve as interim CEO for The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce.
Sandy Boone, current CEO is still fully engaged in her role and will serve through Oct. 11, at which point Mr. Durr will take over.
“We are thrilled to have Dave accept this position, this is a crucial time of year for us. It is imperative that we have the time it takes to conduct a diligent search and hiring process, to put the very best person we can in place for the long term. Dave possesses sound judgment and is a strong leader. He is well respected by our members and the business community. He served our board for many years and is very familiar with what it takes to get the job done,” said Sophie Hudson, Board Chair.
Mr. Durr is former General Manager Culpeper Farmers’ Cooperative Inc. He served as Chairman of the Board in 2013 and is a Member of the Culpeper Agricultural and Forestal District Advisory Committee. As well as a former member Culpeper Economic Development Advisory Committee. He possesses a BS in Agricultural Economics Oklahoma State University and an MBA Mount Saint Mary’s University.
“The Culpeper Chamber has been the voice of the business community and a driving force in the economic development of the county for over 100 years. I look forward to working with our members, board and employee team through this transition in leadership,” Durr said.
In the meantime our executive committee and search committee are moving swiftly, and with great consideration to the process, our members and our staff to find a replacement. Interested candidates, possessing the skills and qualities we are seeking can apply at: http://members.culpeperchamber.com/jobs