Media gone mad

True journalism is gone. This phenomena started during the last presidential election and has deteriorated steadily with every breaking news story. So called journalists are now analysts with their articles based upon personal opinions and biases instead of investigative reporting.

Prime example is any reporting regarding President Trump. Media and Democratic critics will never accept anything he says. President Trump could find the cure for cancer and his critics would say that “he invented cancer just so that he would receive credit for curing it.”

Case in point, President Trump denounced in no uncertain terms the hate groups and the tragic events in Charlottesville. Yet, his critics refused to accept his repeated denunciation because he did not use their words or their timetable. As a result, we had to endure the cost and inconvenient march, which no one understands nor can explain its purpose, from Charlottesville to Washington.

Our local media fell short in its coverage, especially on cost to the taxpayers and makeup of the participants. That being unacceptable, I talked to members of the Virginia State Police assigned to protecting the protesters on Thursday afternoon in Culpeper. As Paul Harvey used to say, here is the rest of story.

First of all the Troopers felt that it was a waste of taxpayer money and they did not want to be here, but being true professionals, the State Troopers were there and did their job.

The local reporters were given and reported erroneous numbers of troopers on duty. There were 18 Troopers here Thursday protecting 23 protestors.

The Troopers estimated that they would have 37 hours of overtime versus the routine 40 hour work week given by the spokesperson. You do the math. Eighteen officers with 37 hours overtime each represents a substantial cost to taxpayers.

The Troopers stated for a fact that there was one female protester being paid $25 per hour by the Black Lives Matter organization. That equates to $52,000 annually. Perhaps the most disturbing fact that I learned from the Troopers was that a female protester had written the names of the two Police Officers who died in the helicopter crash in Charlottesville on a ballon and was going to honor them by carrying the ballon during the march.  Not to be. The officers witnessed a fellow protester purposefully pop the ballon before the march began. That gives you some idea of the moral compass of the protesters.

If you think things are bad now, just wait until the removal of statues and renaming of roads surfaces for debate. The slippery slope will be hard to navigate unless calm heads engage in rational conversation. Where does this process end? Removal of Washington and Jefferson memorials to placate the far left lead to the removal of Martin Luther King from his places of honor to satisfy the far right? This should be a serious concern for all Americans. Hopefully, the common good of the country will overshadow the impulses of shortsighted people who think that you can change history by not acknowledging its existence.

Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.