Hutchins highlights issues


Many issues face our schools. The SOL’s will not disappear but how we test is changing. The state is now allowing local school districts to develop alternate assessments which give a more accurate picture of a student’s knowledge. We have been advocating for this for years.

We share your desire for more career and technical opportunities. Not all students need, or want, to go to college. I sit on a committee with members of the Board of Supervisors and community leaders working to add building trades, classes in health sciences and more.

Student transportation must be constantly adjusted. We share your concern of long bus rides. We have been working on it. The staff is looking at all options. As each new school year begins, it takes time to adjust bus routes.  Routes have been consolidated due to the shortage of drivers. We have 85 drivers covering 115 routes. They are paid $15.22/hr. and are eligible for health insurance and VRS.  More bus drivers will help but will not completely solve the issue. The longest rides are from the Stevensburg and Cedar Mt. Districts. The distance to our schools cannot be changed. We don’t have the number of students in this end of the county to build a school out of town and there is no infrastructure.

I deeply appreciate the confidence and trust the voters have placed in me. I have represented Cedar Mountain and Stevensburg Districts during my tenure on the Board. I share your concerns with Board members, staff, and our legislators. I am an advocate for all of our children. Please contact me with your questions or concerns. My email is or I am also on Facebook.  I would appreciate your vote for School Board for the Stevensburg District on November 7. Thank you.

Elizabeth S. Hutchins