Hutchins has vision for schools


As a former teacher, administrator, and school board member, I have found that people run for a school board because they have one of three agendas:

  1. Political
  2. Personal
  3. Educational

The only reason a person should run for school board is to assure the best education for the children of his/her community.

The only person for whom you should vote is someone who places the needs and interests of students first.

Elizabeth Hutchins has only one agenda:  the students of Culpeper County, and she is the candidate the good people of Stevensburg District need to reelect.

The main focus of public education should be on the students, and Elizabeth is their greatest advocate.

I have worked with Elizabeth Hutchins on the Mountain Vista Governor’s School Governing Board, Academic Advisory Board, and Foundation Board.  I have known her for over ten years, and although I am not a voter in Culpeper County, I saw firsthand how Elizabeth thoughtfully represented the needs of Culpeper students in our regional Governor’s School.

I’ve been part of public education since 1973, and I know excellence and integrity when I see those qualities.  Elizabeth Hutchins embodies both of these characteristics, which are crucial to serving on a school board.  She represents the interests of all children, all teachers, all parents, and all community members.  She is beholden to no one.

Elizabeth brings to the school board her background as a social studies teacher; her vast knowledge of the Culpeper school system; her expertise gained from years of professional training in school board issues, policies, and procedures; and her standard of excellence for administrators, teachers, and students.

Please reelect Elizabeth Hutchins for school board, knowing that you are placing the future of Culpeper students in the hands of someone who is knowledgeable, caring, and competent.


Joanne Cherefko