Culpeper County’s BOS Needs a True Cost-Benefit Analyst


Culpeper County’s Board of Supervisors needs someone with the capability to look at economic, population, and even legal trends to create policies that protect and move Culpeper forward.

The current board has one builder, a small business man, two realtors, a retired real estate specialist, and two farmers.  While some might see this as a good “broad brush” of community experience, no one on the current board has the nuts-and-bolts expertise to fully assess complex fiscal and community issues.  Chuck Duncan, a professional analyst, has decades of military and civilian experience looking at the impacts of change on people, organizations, and even countries.  While he may simply describe himself as an “analyst,” he is actually an operations analyst.  He studies all aspects of costs versus potential benefits associated with solving problem.

What good is an analyst?  Back in 2015, the school board wanted $750,000 of land for a new school to start construction in 2017.  As a concerned citizen, Chuck Duncan evaluated both the school population growth and the published school capacity.  He argued that student population growth was too low to warrant a new school.  The county commissioned a study that revealed no population growth for 5 years!  No need for new construction, and $750,000 taxpayer dollars saved!

Right now, Culpeper’s population is growing because of Baby Boomers retiring to our area.  The immediate impact on the tax base should be good.  But what about the long-term impact?  That is why you need a skilled analyst like Chuck Duncan serving on the Board of Supervisors.


David Crissman