BIZ BIO: Wellspring partners with Powell Wellness Center for new program


Dr. Khalid Athar has been in Culpeper since 2007.  He is head of the anesthesiology department at the Culpeper Surgery Center as well as Medical Director. Wellspring Health Services is a private venture for him.
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Wellspring Health Services has partnered with Powell Wellness Center to provide a complete wellness and health program.

According to Dr. Khalid Athar, Medical Director  of Wellspring, the program includes wellness education, a exercise plan and medically managed weight loss.

“Our Comprehensive Wellness Program is driven by science and technology and implemented with support and compassion,” he said.

The program contains the components essential to obtain and sustain the wellness of the community.

“It is a customized wellness program that includes identifying and treating diseases that impact wellness; recognizing and correcting barriers to wellness; developing and designing a sustainable nutritional plan; facilitating and providing a personalized exercise plan—all with a strong support system and wellness education throughout the wellness journey,” Athar said.

Athar said the mission of Wellspring Health Services is not only to provide the best health in terms of disease management, but also to provide the best wellness in terms of preventive care and healthy living.

The partnership with Powell Wellness Center was a natural collaboration,” Athar said. “Powell Wellness Center is an esteemed organization within the community with clear objectives of promoting wellness and fitness. The leadership of both the entities quickly identified the common good we could bring to the community and joined hands to make a healthy community.”

Athar said the mission is to help community members who may have tried to lose weight in the past and not have success, find the method that works best for them.

“We saw the need for it so we worked with Powell Wellness Center to create this complete program,” Athar said. “Our goal is to help many in our community and surrounding region and we believe this program will do so.”

Athar said that wellness and good health will help improve the quality of life significantly and that health issues can be prevented or eliminated by safe weight loss and exercise.

According to Athar, the first step is a comprehensive medical exam that includes a detailed history and physical. That is followed by conducting a number of relevant tests that include EKG, and blood work including hormone levels.

“We also do a Body Composition Analysis that measures the amount of body muscle and fat, that looks at how fat is distributed through the body, how much fat is needed to lose, how much muscle is needed to gain, Basal Metabolic Rate, hydration level, and Body Mass Index (BMI),” Athar said. Next we do a KORR ReeVue Metabolic Rate Analysis that measures the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and determines how many calories the body needs for weight loss and for maintenance. We evaluate any supplements that may be needed. We use all of this data to create and provide a customized clear plan.”

After the medical exam, participants participate in FitScripts at Powell Wellness Center.

The eight-week medical exercise program that features personalized fitness programs for individuals who are transitioning from or managing a medical condition, as well as those who just need additional support to improve their level of physical activity.

Athar said it’s important to stay with the program, citing regular follow-up appointments and wellness education programs.

Athar hopes the program, which is believed to be the only Comprehensive Wellness Program in the areas, will continue to help enrich the lives of community members for years to come.

“The need for this is great,” Athar said.  “Studies have shown that the most effective way to achieve and sustain optimal personal wellness and health is by implementing a program that combines a healthy diet, exercise, personal support , and wellness knowledge and insight.  This program is  personalized for each patient to ensure that it is responsive to their current health condition and their specific needs.  It is not a one-size-fits-all approach which enhances its success potential.”



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