Please vote for Elizabeth Hutchins for school board

Please vote for Elizabeth S. Hutchins for School Board Member for the Stevensburg District. She has the required experience, knowledge and work ethic.

I have known Elizabeth Hutchins for approximately 30 years, since we first met when volunteering at Windmore Foundation for the Arts.

Elizabeth Hutchins and I served on the school board together for 10 years.  She has an exceptional work ethic.  She reads and studies all documents provided, thoroughly examines and evaluates the financial information and is not afraid to ask questions.

Elizabeth Hutchins’ first priority is the children of our county, and she works to make sure the teachers and school personnel have the best possible working conditions.

Whether it is in the everyday costs of running the school district or through her experience in the building and renovation of 4 of our schools, she is diligent in making sure your tax dollars are well spent.

Elizabeth Hutchins listens to you.

Make your vote count on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.  Vote for Elizabeth S. Hutchins.

Thank you.

Claudia L. Vento