The mower of the future is in Culpeper

  A passerby stopped and stared. Along the grass outside Gary’s Ace Hardware, a sleek, almost-Batmobile looking form glided along the grass. “I want one of those,” the bystander yelled over to Gary Walker, owner […]


Large Fire at CCA in Culpeper County

A large fire broke out at the Communications Corporation of America (CCA) building located off of 522 in Boston around 11:30 p.m. last evening. Fire and rescue crews from Culpeper County and the surrounding counties have been on scene working to extinguish the fire for over twelve hours.  […]


Hello Mr. Washington

Travelers driving southbound down Main Street in Culpeper are surveyed by a young George Washington. Part of the Culpeper Downtown Walls Mural Program, a partnership between Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. and The Arts A’loft, the mural […]


The Wine Nerd: Rain Dancing

 It’s easy to complain about the heat in August and September.  These last two months of summer can wear Virginians down, especially during a long streak of cloudless sunshine.  While it may look pretty from inside our air conditioned homes, we tend to pray for clouds and rain once we venture outside.  Instead of this natural thirst for cooling rain, however, we should take comfort when the sun won’t hide; it’s a great time to be a grape! […]