Culpeper electric customers urged to conserve

Town of Culpeper electric customers are asked to conserve electricity, especially during the current heat wave expected to last through the weekend.

With temperatures approaching or reaching triple digits, Culpeper Light & Power customers are asked to curb all non-essential use of electric appliances and turn up thermostats to cut down on an air conditioning system’s electric consumption.

“We are trying to help the entire electric grid, not just the Town,” said Town Light & Power Director Mike Stover.

The Town, which serves 5,426 residential and commercial customers, purchases power from Dominion Virginia Power for distribution. During the current heat wave, demand for electricity increases as people rely on air conditioning to stay cool.

Stover recommends that customers unplug all non-essential appliances such as TVs, computers, printers and other appliances that consume electricity, even when off. He also urges people to not use high energy appliances such as washers, dryers and dishwashers particularly during the peak hours of 3 – 8 p.m.

With everyone doing their part to cut electricity consumption, it could help avoid grid overload, leading to brown outs or even blackouts.