Time for peanuts and cracker jacks


Mike and Betty Melton’s
2000 custom Volkswagen
Beetle drew a lot of
attention from baseball
fans at CRI’s July
4 Car & Motorcycle
Photo by Jeff Say

Mike and Betty Melton’s car looks like it would at home coming out of the bullpen at Nat’s Park in Washington, D.C.

The 2000 Volkswagen GLX Turbo Beetle is painted like a baseball – white paint with the seams of a baseball painted on the hood running the length of the car.

Mike Melton smiled broadly as he talked about his unique car – one of only 16 of its kind in the U.S.

“It was a giveaway in 2000 by Frito Lay,” Melton said. “I found it on Ebay and bought it for my wife. The guy I bought it from bought it for his wife and she grew tired of it. Mine grew tired of it after two days with everyone wanting to come up and see it. So we decided to show it.”

Melton says it’s a good kids car, as children are attracted to the unique paint job. Now he drives it for golf and takes it around to a few car shows in area. He said he’s aware of only of a couple others still driving – one in California and another from Ohio.

“I see the guy every once in awhile from Ohio,” Melton said. “When we get together we call it a doubleheader.”

The interior is just as unique as the exterior. Inside the steering wheel is painted like a baseball and the gear shifter has a baseball on it. It’s the seats, however, that are the real gem. Made by Rawlings, they are crafted from baseball leather and need cared for just like an old glove.

“I have to put glove oil on it, to keep it from wearing,” Melton said.

Melton, from Glen Allen, said he was enjoying his time in Culpeper and baseball fans throughout the car show flocked to see him home run of a car.

Children also flocked to a 1994 registered Roadster owned by Marty O’Brien, of Stafford. While many car owners had signs on their vehicles to not touch, O’Brien offered little kids to take a seat in the hot rod and have a photo opportunity.

“A lot of people don’t like kids touching the cars,” he said. “This is for the kids. It’s a play toy. They can climb in it and look at it.”

He said he found this model in Detroit and had been searching for a Roadster for 20 years.

“On my wedding day in North Carolina, my wife and I were allowed to take a Roadster for a ride,” O’Brien said. “I fell in love with it.”

He bought this model for $4,500 and has put quite a bit of work into including a new fuel tanks, sidebars and is having it upholstered.

This was his first car show displaying the car, and he – along with the kids – was having a good time.

“This is a blast,” he said.

Thousands perused cars along East Davis Street during the car show, sponsored by Culpeper Renaissance, Inc.

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