CURTAIN CALLS: ‘The Originalist’ – A Supreme Interpretation

For one hour and forty-five minutes, Justice Antonin Scalia comes to life, full of anecdotes, answers, opinions, and humor. He fields legal questions with the ease of a tennis champ on a court with beginners, and he takes his victories – and his losses – with the equanimity of the war-weary. He’s a textualist, a purist, a Constitutional originalist. A “medieval knight girded for battle” to some. A “monster” to others. […]


DATA DUMP: Stop B@d Pa$$word$

Remembering passwords is hard work.  For years, the working theory has been that you need a different password for every website that you visit.  And it can’t be something simple, it needs to be complex.  […]


Glen Allen rallies to win 2017 Rookie State Championship

Out of field of eight teams, the Richmond-based team defeated its area neighbor Rockville, to win the 2017 8-year Old Rookie Baseball State Tournament. After a dogfight during the first four and a half innings, where it appeared Rockville held a slight edge leading by a margin of one run, Glen Allen struck back by taking the lead on a Connor Slaski RBI single that scored Garrett Crabbe that eventually gave them a 4-3 win to force a second game. […]