Redefine You program empowers Culpeper community



Debra Yarde’s life-changing ministry, “Redefine You” has come to Culpeper.

Every Thursday at 7 p.m., at 118 East Street, Christian Community Center, the doors are open for anyone interested in life renewal. Yarde’s Christian based ministry will rejuvenate the downtrodden and strengthen their self esteem.

“My passion in my heart is to bring the family back to healthy and wholeness using biblical principles, teaching women life skills, training, and empowering them to know their value and worth,” Yarde said. “We want to do more than just empower people. We want to get them back to loving themselves, and knowing who they are in Christ and being all they can be, according to the word of God.”

The self empowerment values taught by Yarde are concepts experienced during her earlier years.

“This journey of mine started years ago,” Yarde said. “It started in a world where I was big and bad enough to do anything I wanted to do and then God came in. As always, he makes all things new.”

Originally from Madison, Yarde’s ministry is based in Orange, where she co-ministers with her parents, at the Church of the Living God.

Whether it’s a relationship or job related issue, Yarde believes that the core issue in the fight against mental abuse begins with the person themselves. By verbally opening up in a room filled with people of similar problems, Yarde believes that it is the first step towards personal empowerment.

“We want to bridge the gap and take the barriers of division down and bring the community together,” Yarde said. “Our values and morals are on the line, and we want to bring the family to wholeness.

According to Yarde, until the hidden inside mental issues are exposed, people will exist with an invisible mask.

“There are many people walking around with that mask,” Yarde said. “There are so many people hurting in our community. You see them, they’re smiling, but in the inside they are hurting—because they don’t know how to say ‘I need help, I am reaching out, I am ashamed, or they are embarrassed.”

The Redefine You program provides the community a safe outlet to verbally air their frustrations without the fear of being judged.

Throughout her life experiences, Yarde has seen a wealth of personal frustrations.

“I had one lady walk in here last week and she was really going through something,” Yarde said. Yarde helped resolve the person’s problem by simple show of human compassion.

“It was a matter of me showing that love to her and letting her know that she can make it and she can break free from the bondage that she is in,” Yarde added.

The program is now entering it’s fifth year, and growing stronger with each passing help session. “It just felt right in my spirit to open it up here (Culpeper) and when the community came in this space, I said to myself, OK, here we are,” Yarde said.