Clelbrating 100 years of Lionism

It is common knowledge that the primary mission of Lions Clubs throughout the world is to provide financial assistance to individuals in need of help is acquiring eye glasses and or hearing devises.  The Mid-Day Lions Club in Culpeper has adopted a special project to do our share in celebrating this 100 year anniversary.

Currently we are totally dependent on using the Sight and Hearing Van to support our annual screening of children in both the public and private schools of Culpeper County.  This a very ridged schedule, expensive, disruptive for the schools and limits our flexibility to service not only the children of our community but adults in need of such service.

Our project is simply to take advantage of State-of-the Art technology and purchase the portable equipment necessary to test both adults and children for sight and hearing deficiencies.

Briefly the Spot Vision screener is State-of-the-Art.  These systems have literally changed the testing process.  Testing time for individuals has been reduced from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. The Spot system is not subjective.  It is scientific and provides an accurate measurement for each patient’s eye.  Patients with sight deficiencies are referred to an eye doctor for full screening.

These systems work with non-English speaking patient’s children from 6 months of age through adult hood and those with special needs.

In a recent study of the top seven health issues in schools, vision disability is ranked number one.  The U.S. Center for disease control and prevention state that vision disability in the single most prevalent condition among children.  Approximately, 80% of what children learn in early school years is visual.  Alarmingly, fewer than 15% of all preschool children receive an eye exam and fewer than 22% receive any type of vision screening.

Our plan is to procure two of the Spot Vision Screeners.  With a spot system a school can be screened in a single day, dramatically reducing cost and schedule interruption.  Access to screening results is immediate.

We plan to procure two Hearing Screeners Audio Meters.  These devices, MAICO MA 27 and MA27E Digital Air-Conduction Audiometers uses Headphones to eliminate outside noise and allows the screened individual to hear variant loudness or noise to screen for Hearing Capability.  Various tone ranges are tested as part of the screening protocol.

Our current dependence on the Sight and Hearing van limits our flexibility, is costly and time consuming.  This dependence limits our ability to provide the best service possible to our citizens.  With the portable systems we can not only test students, we can set up at county fairs, street fairs, celebrations associated with sporting, school and Holiday events.  Fireman’s Parades are also viable candidates.

In our view this is a viable and worthwhile project to pursue.  The approximate cost to procure these devices is $18,000.  We are committed to pursue this upgrade to our ability to support the citizens of Culpeper County. In recognition of the validity for this capability for the citizens of Culpeper County the Culpeper Wellness Foundation has provided the Lions Clubs with a grant of $10,000.  These funds augmented by the balance will be provided by the Local Lions Clubs to assure this needed capability is available prior to the beginning of the upcoming school year.

All of the contributions made by the Lions Clubs of Culpeper County are generated by the profits gained at our Sunday Night Bingo events.  Thanks to the loyal players complemented by the committed members of the Lions Clubs we are able to contribute approximately $85.000 annually to the charitable needs of our community.

While we appreciate the opportunity to benefit various organizations such as Sight and Hearing, Food Closet, SAFE, Hospices Scholarships and countless others the needs of our community far exceeds the resources we have to satisfy those needs.  Anyone desiring to assist in this Nobel effort are encouraged to send donations, large or small to Mid-Day Lions, PO Box 777, Culpeper, VA. 22701


Jim Calhoun

Culpeper County Mid Day Lions