Marshall Keene’s first 60 days

In my first 60 days into my candidacy to represent Brandy Station, Lignum and Richardsville on Culpeper’s School Board, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people who are parents, students, teachers, school staff and members of our community. I have promised to them that I will take bold action to keep all students and staff safe and secure in our schools and to give them a voice regarding every child’s educational opportunities.

The path to ensuring a safe and effective education begins with returning decision making back to the local level, where parents, students and teachers can work together to ensure our children are prepared to succeed. The purpose of education is to equip students to be productive members of society. A large part of that is realizing that students and their parents are our customers and they deserve to be treated as such.

I have promised to support policies which provide for the privacy and protection of all of our students: All of our students deserve to learn in a safe and secure environment. Part of that includes student privacy and ensuring that we have a common sense approach toward school locker room and shower policies. I will support the Virginia Law that allows the Culpeper School Board to create policy supporting School Security Officers to carry guns.

As a parent of two daughters who attend Eastern View High School and a third who attends FTB, I have had the opportunity to experience the before daylight and after dark bus rides to and from school. I can ensure you I will constantly be the voice of all parents to ensure our children are not experiencing extended bus rides.

I have always been an active in Virginia High School League sports as a coach and a parent. I understand the financial burden our athletic programs face each year and will support the creation of a Director of Athletics to assist Culpeper County High School & Eastern View High School in all financial aspects (facilities, operations, fundraising, sponsorships, etc.) to ensure each athlete is experiencing the best Culpeper has to offer.

I have pledged to work with our state and federal legislators to identify and reduce unfunded mandates that take away from important class time and teachable moments. By working to reform testing, teachers will have more time for actual teaching in the classroom. While some testing is needed to track progress, we are relying too heavily on standardized tests. This is not only harmful for our students, but for our teachers as well. Instead of focusing on set numbers on an SOL, we need to map student progress through the year and reward our teachers based off of individual student progress as opposed to one random score on an SOL test.

I would be giving a disservice to so many if I didn’t say “Thank You” to everyone for all your kind words of encouragement in support of my campaign. I respectfully ask for your Vote as your next School Board Member!

Marshall Keene
Stevensburg District