Culpeper library Summer Reading Program thrives with magic

Magician Mike Klee and “Super Chicken” entertain the crowd at the Culpeper County Public Library June 8.

On June 8, at Culpeper County Library, a packed room filled with children and adults were captivated as magician Klee opened the first day of the Culpeper County Library Summer Reading Program registration with his usual unique whimsical style of  humor.

Klee focused on four acts to emphasize the theme, “Design to Read.” Within the program’s theme embodied the principles of delivery, education, secret, illustrate, good and never.

From the moment the children entered the room, laughter and uncontrollable mayhem filled the air, as  Klee without hesitation engaged his impending audience into a verbal exchange as though he had known them since the day they began to talk. His magic is more than just a  slight of hand or stage imagery, it’s simply found his ability to uncover shyness and bring out the true humorous nature of people.

“Working with kids has been a passion of mine,” Klee said. “Educating them just goes so far; however, when I put my show together I want to make sure it’s educational show that hammers home what the library has to offer – which is what you need to succeed.”

Klee designs his show around books.  Each year he focuses on writing about a summer theme, and he has learned about the family dynamics based on his experiences.

“I’ve learned from working with kids that grandparents live for their children, and moms and dads also live for their kid,” Klee said. “Even though my jokes are geared for the kids, the adults really do have a good time.”

Thrilled with Klee’s popularity throughout the Culpeper community, Culpeper Youth Adult Programming Youth Services Coordinator, Laini Bostian said, “We do these performances to bring people into the library, and to give them something to do in the summer. There is no place else in Culpeper to get free cultural recreational activities during the summer.”

Klee began his craft of educating and entertaining at the age of 12. His passion for making kids think outside the box, while laughing has made him an international sensation. In fact, over the past two years Klee has been awarded twice for his educational programs.

A native of Richmond, Klee spent two days, and three shows entertaining kids at Culpeper County Library during his recent visit. From his opening act using kid to dress up as Super Chicken to his closing show featuring a series of props, and his costar Trix, the rabbit, Klee enforced the fundamentals of reading.

“I love doing this shows, and the adage is true; ‘when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life,’” Klee said. “It’s that much rewarding when you get paid for doing what you love.”

Klee’s Black Tie Magic show was sponsored by Paul and Karen Laske.