Mystery at the Museum: CS Richmond Musket one of mysteries of the museum

There are many items we have here at the museum pertaining to the American Civil War. But what I have chose to highlight is the one that when I pick it up it speaks volumes to me. That is the CS Richmond Musket. The CS Richmond was a musket made in the City of Richmond State of Virginia under control of the Confederate government during the War. The CS Richmond was made from machinery that was captured from Harpers Ferry Virginia. […]


Marshall Keene’s first 60 days

In my first 60 days into my candidacy to represent Brandy Station, Lignum and Richardsville on Culpeper’s School Board, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people who are parents, students, teachers, school staff and members of our community. I have promised to them that I will take bold action to keep all students and staff safe and secure in our schools and to give them a voice regarding every child’s educational opportunities. […]