Hampton Inn expected to break ground by end of month


Hospitality Builders, Inc. expects to break ground on the new Hampton Inn located along U.S. 29 off of Lover’s Lane at the end of May. The project has been approved since 2008.
Photo by Jeff Say

The developer in charge of building a new Hampton Inn along U.S. 29 is expecting to break ground by the end of May.

Kord Pfeifle, project manager for Hospitality Builders, Inc., based out of Rapid City, S.D., said that the survey on the land beside 84 Lumber had been completed for some time and they hope to break ground in the next couple of weeks.

“This project started about eight years ago before we took over the project, I was handed it about a month ago,” Pfeifle said.

The four-story, 98-unit hotel with an indoor pool will likely take about 10 months to complete, Pfeifle said.

HBI is the contractor and is looking for subcontractors to frame up the building. Materials used will be provided by 84 Lumber.

HBI has built more than 500 hotels and motels and is licensed in all 50 states. This is the first hotel they’ve built in Culpeper.

The contractor has been operating since 1975, “using the most efficient construction methods and best material available without compromising quality at economical costs,” according to its website.

Sam McLearen, director of Culpeper County Planning and Zoning, said that the site plan has been approved since February 2008.

“They’ve been going through some fits and starts for a number of years,”McLearen said.

The utilities have been in place for years and the entrance and drive is the same as the adjacent Storeland facility, owned and operated by Steve McLean. The Hampton Inn acreage is 2.84 acres while the rest of the property in the area is owned by Storeland, which is another 6.02 acres.

The Hampton Inn reapplied for a zoning permit in May 2016, and McLearen said the permit is good as long as they are actively pursuing the project. The area is zoned for as a commercial services district, which is a mix of commercial and industrial.

The original site plan was for two hotels, but just the one Hampton Inn is planned for now.

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