CT_2017_6-08_Biz Bytes

Jackson, Bates recipients of 2017 Rusty Bowers Memorial Scholarship Hailey Jackson is the recipient of the 2017 Rusty Bowers Memorial Scholarship for $1,000. Brady Bates received the $500 Rusty Bowers Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships are […]


Bee Happy: Spring swarming births more bees

These past few weeks have been unbelievable! Again, with the weather being a bit strange and trying to feel somewhat better about our observation hive at the shop swarming I received a visit from a friend asking if I could give more of a clearer idea on just what swarming entails. First and foremost I have to thank Jerry Headley from Virginia Bee Supply. He has been an invaluable wealth of information. […]


Data Dump: The defining technological issue for future generations

Net Neutrality. Just reading those two words has probably already put you to sleep, but you better wake up! The rules governing how data and services work on the internet are about to get re-written in a manner that almost strictly benefits the internet service providers and their mass media empires. […]


What’s up with Wednesdays

The Culpeper Times goes to the printer sometime on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, you’ll see it appear at more than 300 locations in racks throughout the county and town. You’ll also find us online. […]