Gary’s Ace Hardware hosts Culpeper’s first grill-off


Culpeper native Gary Walker has an idea that he hopes catches fire. This Saturday he will be hosting the first grilling contest held at Gary’s Ace Hardware in the Meadowbrook Shopping Center.

“I’m a convert,” laughs Walker when speaking about Traeger’s Wood Fired Pellet Grills. “When you taste the difference, you’ll see.”

When Walker learned that a representative from Traeger was coming to the store to give a demonstration, he had an idea.

“I thought…let’s spice it up…by having a contest,” said Walker noting the grilling would be done in the open green space by the store and will be held rain or shine.

Grillmasters to date include Billy Frederick, the Bronesky Brothers and Travis Whitt. The public is invited to come, watch, cheer on,  sample and vote for their favorite grillmaster. Whoever gets the highest score will win a Traeger Tailgate Grill.

To add to the fun, there will be a live radio broadcast by WJMA and Walker is planning on having balloons for the kids.

Walker is known for coming up with creative ideas. His addition of a hunting/sporting section at the rear of the store is a hidden treasure of sorts if you don’t know that it is already there. While you may be looking for paint or gardening tools, you can find firearms, hunting paraphernalia, boots and waders as well.

Traeger’s grills are a buzzword these days and it will be an opportunity to see not only how they work but what kinds of taste they produce. The grillmasters chosen all own one and can attest to their performance.

The event is this Saturday, May 13, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sponsored by Traeger but with a Walker twist it promises to be a fun, informative and tasty grill off.

Plan to come out and vote for your favorite. If you get tempted to purchase a Traeger, you’ll receive a $50 gift card for doing so.

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