Benefit game supports Sheriff’s summer youth sports camps

Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins hosted his Annual Youth Summer Sports Camps Benefit Basketball Game recently at Eastern View High School. This was by far the most successful benefit game since Sheriff Jenkins started the Summer Youth Sports Camps in 2012. Keeping with tradition, the opening game featured Culpeper County Sheriff’s deputies versus Culpeper County Public School teachers. In a lopsided game the teachers regained the trophy after losing at the buzzer in 2016. Thank you to our deputies and teachers for participating in a game that set the tone for the remainder of the night. […]


Culpeper Currents: Map making, part two

In April 1819 John Wood began his survey of Virginia counties in preparation for the publication of a state map. He had secured the job through the recommendation of Thomas Jefferson. Wood had been the mathematics instructor of Jefferson’s grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, at the Academy of Louis H. Girardin in Richmond from 1809 to 1810. […]


Public hearing will allow citizens to comment on proposed FY18 budget

Dealing with numbers, lots of numbers can be daunting particularly when you attempt to sift through pages and pages of a county budget. This year’s proposed FY county budget comes in at $164,618,494. It consists of estimates and requests from all the departments that have been fine tuned and discussed for the past weeks. A public hearing will allow citizens to question and comment on the proposed operating and capital budgets. […]