Public hearing will allow citizens to comment on proposed FY18 budget

Dealing with numbers, lots of numbers can be daunting particularly when you attempt to sift through pages and pages of a county budget. This year’s proposed FY county budget comes in at $164,618,494. It consists of estimates and requests from all the departments that have been fine tuned and discussed for the past weeks. A public hearing will allow citizens to question and comment on the proposed operating and capital budgets.

One initiative that did not receive state funding (as was initially thought) is pre-trial services and currently the proposed budget contains a little more than $200,000 to start that program. Proponents argue that jail space would be gained as offenders could be home monitored. This would not be for violent offenders. Additional attorneys/staff would need to be hired to accommodate the added workload. The county pays several hundred dollars per day for each inmate so, over time,  perhaps dollars could be saved if the county adopted a pre-trial program.

The proposed budget contains a request for six new full time positions and one new part time position. Currently requests include a grant writer/special projects manager, a new deputy commonwealth’s attorney, an additional School Resource Officer, reinstatement of a position in the animal control office, fire and rescue requests an administrative assistant to handle billing services allowing volunteers to focus on running calls, and a maintenance technician for parks and recreation. The finance department has requested a part time position for additional department support.

Due to the recent general reassessment the total value of real property, excluding additional assessments due to new construction or improvements to property, increased from last year’s total assessed value by 8.2 percent.

The County of Culpeper proposes to adopt a tax rate of $.61 per $100 of assessed value for General Fund tax rate and $.06 per $100 assessed value for fire and rescue tax rate.

If you go:

Public Hearing: Culpeper County Proposed FY 18 Budget

Tuesday, April 18

7 p.m.

302 N. Main Street, Culpeper


Public Hearing: Culpeper County Proposed Real Property Tax

Tuesday, April 18

8 p.m.

302 N. Main Street, Culpeper

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